Finance Ministry Achievements of the last quarter of 2020



A workshop was held today at the premises of the Ministry of Finance Development of the Republic of Somaliland to highlight what has been achieved over the past three months based on the annual work plan of 2020.
With the presence of the leadership of the Ministry, namely the Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Deputy Minister Muse Ibrahim Yusuf and Director General Md. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, the heads of each department presented their achievements against existing plans as well as unfinished works, challenges they faced and recommendations for the way forward.
In today’s workshop, presentations reflected successful results of the departments and consistent improvements regarding the way departments undertake their works.
The quarterly plans are usually being derived from the annual plans which are based on the Ministry’s five-year strategic plan. To track the progress continuously, they are reviewed on quarterly bases.
Moreover, the executives of the Ministry discussed in the meeting the impact of COVID 19 and locusts, two factors that adversely affected the economy and productivity of the country and in turn led to gaps in the projections of the 2020 annual national revenue.
After many hours of review, reflection and discussions, the Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire closed the meeting. In his remarks, he commended the departmental leaders for their performance and commitment to their duties. At the same time, he encouraged them to prepare themselves and their teams for a hard work in the year of 2021.


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