Finance Minister presides over a meeting to promote tourism in the country


A substantial meeting was held at the treasury headquarters on the promotion of tourism industry in the country.

Chaired by finance minister Hon. Sa’ad Ali Shire, it brought together the participation of the Ministries of Financial Development, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Trade and Tourism, and the Immigration department.

In attendance were the Deputy Ministers of Financial Development and Trade, Foreign Affairs and senior officials from the immigration force.

The meeting focused on easing bureaucracy for tourists and at the same time to develop tourist sites in Somaliland.

Technical committees were also set up that comprised of stakeholders which will work to facilitate tourists in the country.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Hon. Musa Ibrahim Salaf who spoke to the media said, “Our country is rich in tourism and archaeological sites which has economic potential and job creation if harnessed”.

He said that they discussed the challenges and problems facing tourism in the country and how to find a solution through the cooperation of all the agencies involved.

“The government welcomes international tourists with open arms for there are various tourist destinations in the country”, he said.


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