Ex-deputy health minister from Somaliland meets with Somalia’s PM



The former deputy health minister of the republic of Somaliland, Mr. Hasan Dahir Dhimbil who traveled to Mogadishu has met with Somalia’s PM, Mr. Hasan Ali Khaire.

The ex-deputy minister who served under president Ahmed Silanyo administration was among three other ministers who traveled to Mogadishu in order to land a public office.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Mr. Hasan was appointed to ambassadorial portfolio although it is not yet clear which country he was sent to.

There is a ban in place in Somaliland that its officials are barred from traveling to Somalia.

Somaliland seceded from Somalia in 1991 after its central gov descended into state of anarchy and chaos.



The PM of Somalia Hon. Hasan Ali Khaire has chaired the cabinet ministerial meeting on Thursday.

The ministers have approved five ambassadors including the former Somaliland ex-deputy minister, who was also a member of Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party.

The five appointed ambassadors are expected to wait a presidential decree making sure their nomination.

The foreign ministry of Somalia will prepare the credentials that they will submit to the foreign countries that they will be sent to.



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