Ex-Danish Minister Meets with Somaliland President




Former Danish Minister for Development Aid Mr. Christian Friis has visited to Somaliland recently and told the purpose of his visit and had meetings with government ministers and with President Bihi as well.

Christian Friis, who spoke to the Horn of Africa Media in Hargeisa yesterday, said that he has come to the country for projects related to the development of fisheries, and that they want to open a fish processing factory in Somaliland in the near future for export.

“My name is Christian Friis, I am the former Minister for Development Aid in Denmark, and now I am here with FairFishing and and we are looking for Opportunities to support Fishing.

Eight years ago, I came here as the Danish Minister for Development Aid, opened the Danish Office in Hargeisa, and established the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF). That was a recognition that Somaliland has done well, and I am very pleased that Somaliland is progressing well, even with the Coronavirus. ”

The former minister also said that they now see a good opportunity to develop the fisheries sector in Somaliland. “We see a great opportunity in the Somaliland fisheries sector, and that is why I am here. “Somaliland is a friend and now we want to strengthen that friendship.”

“We have had important meetings with the President of Somaliland, His Excellency Muse Bihi, the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, the Minister of Planning and Development of Somaliland, and the Minister of Investment,” he said. all of these meetings were important and fruitful.

I want to thank President Muse Bihi for his support in our work or the progress we are making in the development of fisheries, and he has shown his support and encouragement in the work we have started. ”

Finally, he said, “We want to open a fish processing factory in Somaliland to export to other countries. We hope that fish imported from Somaliland will be eaten in Denmark in the near future,” he said, adding that the investor is a company. Named IFU, which has already invested $ 3 billion in 100 other countries.

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