Council of Presidential Candidates No Longer Recognizes Farmajo as Somalian President



Somalia’s presidential election crisis deepens as the incumbent president Mohmed Abdilahi Farmajo term in office expired on 8th February, 2021.

Somalia’s Council of Presidential Candidates have officially declared the incumbent president as illegitimate, according to an statement issued by the opposition.

The statement said that having seen articles of the constitution that 9th term of the president is a four year mandate and commences from the day he is sworn in and assumes office.

The opposition groups said that president Farmajo has totally failed to hold timely one person one vote polls in line with the country’s constitution.

They have also said that Farmajo has failed to implement electoral agreement signed on 17th Sept. last year and at the same was an obstacle to find a solution to the constraints concerning the electoral deal.

They have called on the salvation of the country from power vacuum in consideration to article 95 of the interim constitution until a new president will be elected.

The council strongly opposes term extension for the president and delaying polls, suppression and violence.

They have urged the formation of Transitional National Council which will be drawn from the upper and lower houses, the regional state leaders and the int’l partners.

The TNC will choose an interim chair

The National House will hold a meeting for political stakeholders in Somalia.

They have also demanded that election timetable must be immediately issued.

The opposition groups have called on the outgoing president to respect the constitution as well as the rule of law and further urged that the should transfer power through peaceful means.

The CPC also called on the army as well as gov’t institutions to abide by and respect the laws of the country.

They have warned these institutions not to be obedient to the outgoing leader.

The council urged that the public to throw its support to the council so that deal will be smoothly implemented.



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