Chinese national sets up a shopping center in Somaliland



 Ms. Helen is a Chinese national who has decided to relocate to Somaliland. Although Shangahia is her homeland, she has dared to come to Hargeisa and set up the first Shoe shopping center in Somaliland. What has prompted her to move to Somaliland is that she has acknowledged that SL is an oasis of peace and stability. Before she has made a knee jerk decision to relocate from Shangahia to Somaliland, she visited Somaliland in order to observe the local market last year. She came to the knowledge that the business is booming and decided to set up her first shop in Hargesa in mid 2019. Helen also showcased her products in fair held in Gulied Hotel last year. Her lack of communication in Somalia won’t become an impediment to her customers. She got a good grips with basics in Somali and receives clients in Somali language.



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