Chief Justice Inspects Courts in Hargeisa to assess their functioning


The Chief Justice, the chairperson of Somaliland’s Judiciary Commission, Honorable Aden Haji Ali today inspected Marodi Jeh appellate court, Marodi Jeh regional court and Hargeisa district court.

The Chief Justice was accompanied by judges, officials at the Supreme court and along with the chairmen of the appeal court, Ali Sudi Derie, regional court, Abdi Qawdhan Abdi and Hargeisa district court judge, Yahye Hussein Yusuf.

The objective behind the inspection tour was to assess the real needs at the courts, to get t know the level of education of the staffers currently working at the courts in province.

The Chief Justice, Honorable Aden Haji Ali has also inspected the day to day work that the court staffers undertake on a daily day basis.

Aden Haji has urged employees working at the courts who knowledge is up to the level of high school or did the first degree at the university have the opportunity to pursue their education.

He called on the staffers at the judiciary  to take advantage of the scholarships in a bid to further pursue their tertiary education.

The Chief Justice convened with the chairmen of the appellate court, the provincial court and Hargeisa district court.

They discussed ways to increase services that the courts do for the public and to consolidate courts relations with the public.


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