BREAKING: Al-Shabaab militants kidnap 3 Police Reservists in Wajir



Three National Police Reservists were on Thursday night abducted by suspected Al-Shabaab militants in Wajir and subsequently taken across the border, details have emerged.

Early this week, the National Intelligence Service warned that at least 40 militants had crossed over to Mandera and were planning to execute retaliatory attacks on Kenyan soil.

The militants are believed to be hiding in Lafey in Mandera County with a mission of carrying retaliatory attacks following the death of one of them last week at Dawaduba.

“Unconfirmed reports indicate that the militant group has given an ultimatum that they want weapons recovered from them in Dawaduba returned within the next 24hrs or they will vent their anger on the local community within Lafey sub- county,” reads the security report.

And on Thursday night, Voice of America journalist Harun Maruf reports, the militants abducted three NPRs at Qorof Harer village, near the border of Mandera and Wajir before taking off.

Their whereabouts are still unknown but they are said to have been taken to the deep forests of Gedo region where Al-Shabaab militants have dominated for a couple of years.

“Three members of Kenya Police Reserves known as the “Home Guard” have been abducted from their homes by suspected Al-Shabaab militants – sources. The incident happened last night in Qorof Harer village in Wajir County according to sources,” he tweeted.

Until the time of going to press, no official statement had been issued by either National Police Service or Kenya Defense Forces which guards borders. NPRs are used in the insecure regions across Kenya.

During the clash between police and Al-Shabaab militants at Dawaduba last week, several weapons were also recovered. A police reservist died in the process. The militants are said to be keen to unleash, with NIS now asking security agents to be vigilant.

“We are aware of a plan to carry out a revenge attack but I dare them to come, we are ready for them,” Mr Jeremiah Kosiom, the Mandera County Police Commander said.

Interestingly, the abduction takes place two months after two Cuban doctors working in Mandera County were also taken away. Intelligence sources claim that they are held near El-Adde town. Al-Shabaab has since asked for Sh150 million as ransom.

Already, the elite Rangers Strike Force that comprises of special forces from KDF is in Somalia conducting search and rescue mission. No feedback has been issued over the fate of the two doctors.



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