Biggest local council in Europe, joins Cardiff, Sheffield and Tower Hamlet in recognising Somaliland as the world newest country



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Biggest local council in Europe, joins Cardiff, Sheffield and Tower Hamlet in recognising Somaliland as the world newest country.

Birmingham City is leading the way after its leaders signed a joint letter Monday July 8 2019 to unilaterally declare Somaliland independent of war torn Somalia. The three main political party leaders; Council Leader, Councillor Ian Ward (Labour), Cllr Robert Alden (Conservatives) and the Council’s Lib Dem leader, Cllr Jon Hunt, were joined by Nura Ali Fellow of Birmingham and Executive Director of Allies Network, and Ayan Mahamoud, Representative of the Republic of Somaliland to the UK & Commonwealth, as they signed a joint letter to Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt – urging the UK government to recognise Somaliland as an independent country – and be officially recognised as The Republic of Somaliland.

Somaliland is a former British protectorate that re-declared its voluntary union with Somalia in May 1991. To date has since been governed by democratically elected a government that seeks international.

The West Midlands Somaliland Community is thrilled with the news that Birmingham City Council has recognised Somaliland as an Independent Country! We wish to extend

our heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of the Council of Birmingham, special thanks to Cllr Yvonne Mosquito, Cllr Diane Donaldson and Nura Ali Fellow of Birmingham, who are the main individual’s relentlessly campaigning and championed the wishes of the Somalilanders in the West Midlands’’ said the Chairman of West Midlands Somaliland Community.

There was an event to celebrate the great news on Monday 8th of July 2019 held in the Birmingham City Council. Cllr Ward said: “Somaliland is a beacon of peace and stability in the ‘Horn of Africa’ and we have jointly signed this letter to urge Prime Minister May to officially recognise Somaliland as an independent state. “Standing together as one, Birmingham is built by the multicultural community that has always represented the city. “Somaliland”, he went on to say, “has been independent for 28 years. The time now is right for support from the international community”.

Cllr Yvonne Mosquito said, ‘’It’s not often that we as Councillors are able to agree, which makes this occasion evermore auspicious. We are joined today by Birmingham’s political leaders representing the main political parties in the United Kingdom to sign a document in support of Somaliland and its need for international recognition and sovereignty. For almost 30 years the democratically elected Somaliland government has held free and fair elections, maintained its own currency, issued passports and secured their own borders.

Today’s milestone has been achieved in the main, by the tireless campaigning over the last 5 years of Nura Ali Fellow of Birmingham and Executive Director of Allies Network, and many Councillors of Birmingham city. It is with passion and pride that she embarked on promoting her homeland and formally re- educating many of us to this unique

country and its countless opportunities.

Cllr Diane Donaldson said, ‘’As Birmingham embarks on a new era industrial engineering, it seems clear that the partnership between Birmingham and Africa in particular key locations such as Somaliland will continue to thrive and as we develop our economic and cultural relationship.

Nura Ali Fellow of Birmingham said, ‘’The eyes of the world are on the Republic of Somaliland and we know that Somalilanders have claimed their sovereignty and shown that neither their dignity nor their dream of self-determination can be denied. This historic achievement today is a tribute to the generations of Somalilanders who struggled for this day. It is also a tribute to the support that has been shown for Somaliland by so many friends and partners around in Birmingham and the West Midlands. I am confident that the bonds of friendship between Somaliland and the City of Birmingham will only strengthen in the years to come. ‘’

“Thank you, Birmingham, for fully recognising Somaliland”, Ayan Mahamoud said. “This truly is a great day. “For Birmingham to officially recognise the Republic of Somaliland is massive”

President of the Republic Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, expressed gratitude to Birmingham City Council for recognizing his country’s right to reclaim its independence and re-establish its place at international arena and the UN. “It was a brave and bold step the honourable council of Birmingham has taken on Monday to endorse the sovereignty and right to reclaim its independence of Somaliland,” the President said in a statement released by his office, Tuesday. “The City Council of Birmingham has, in this step, demonstrated a healthy and encouraging recognition of the Republic of Somaliland

and my nation’s right to be fully recognized by the international community,” the President stated. “On the same token, the people of Somaliland have been deeply moved by the city’s vote of approval, and are eternally grateful to the Council and the people of Birmingham,” he added.


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