UNICEF’s Assertion in Somaliland causes backlash


Somaliland Government has furiously responded to a statement that UNICEF has posted on its twitter, claiming that Borama, Awdal’s provincial capital is part and parcel of Somalia.

The statement was immediately removed after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Int’l Cooperation has threatened to take swift action against UN Agency for its breach of  Somaliland government cooperation. “The statement from UNICEF pertaining the the launching campaign against COVID-19 in Borama, which the UN Agency has claimed that Borama was part and parcel of Somalia is against the mutual cooperation between the UN and the government of the Republic of Somaliland. This will have a profound implications on the confidence between the two sides and it is unacceptable”, a statement from MOFA said. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ will officially submit the case against UNICEF by taking the legal venues”, it added. Once UNICEF posted the statement on its twitter page, the assertion has caused widespread backlash. Some of the comments posted in response to the assertion called for its deportation from Somaliland. Other comments read that UNICEF has decaled a war against Somaliland’s statehood”, a statement further added. The United Nations Children’s Fund posted the statement two days ago on its twitter page, it talked about that sect of Borama residents took COVID-19 vaccinations, whilst claiming that Borama is part and parcel of Somalia.


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