UN Meddling Threatens Somaliland’s Aspiration for Self-rule


When UN deals with Somaliland it treats as a part entity of Somalia—-with five  Siad Barre era administrative regions.

Indeed, UNSOM has a full functioning office in Hargeisa. Moreover, in 2012, the UN signed an agreement with then Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s weak government on the status of the United Nations mission in Somalia, UNSOM. According to the press release, the agreement “established the legal framework under which the UNSOM will operate in Somalia.” The agreement gives UNSOM full access to the territories of Somalia including Somaliland.
All UN’s various agencies have present in Somaliland , under the auspices of UN Somalia office—-including the highly politicized UNDP. The UNDP assist Somalia, including Somaliland in police training , courts, any other law enforcement related functions, local government, and other social programs to undermine Somaliland people’s aspirations for nationhood.
It is the UNDP that provides Somaliland the same police uniform as it did other  so called federal states of Somalia.
A wreath around a Kudu “ Goodir”’s head with a white star on the top is the official emblem and insignia of the Somalia police police. This is the same emblem of Somaliland police force. The flag of the Somali Police has a blue background (slightly darker than the national flag’s) with the police emblem in the centre – a wreath around a Kudu’s head and a star on top, all in white. It is the same flag of Somaliland police force.In fact, it’s the same flag next to the seat of Somaliland President’s office in Hargeisa.
When UN deals with Somaliland it treats as a part entity of Somalia—-with five  Siad Barre era administrative regions.
The United Nations even have strategies and special office( UNSOM office in Hargeisa) dedicated solely to tackling Somaliland question and it bringing it under the control of Farmaajo puppet regime in Mogadishu. For over three decades, the UN financed groups that have been lobbying hard and spreading smear campaign against Somaliland’s people rights for self determination.
Somaliland leaders, with the exception of late President Egal, are not telling the public the truth about their relationship with United Nations because of the huge money involved the UNDP assistance programs——which goes most of it to the highly corrupted Soviet era style Somaliland Ministry of Interior.
Egal and the United Nations had a contentious relationship until he passed away in 2002.In 1993, Egal expelled  UNSOM’s predecessor UNISOM and all UN staff from Somaliland because they were undermining his efforts to build a functioning state structure and to unite Somaliland people. Let’s not forget, it was a tumultuous time in the history of our young nation: Militias belonging to the sub clans who challenged Egal administration’s authority were controlling the airport, and were getting support from the UN through a rogue factional leader, Gen Jama Ghalib. And most of Hargeisa’s buildings were completely bombed out or roofless by the barbaric attacks of the Siad Barre military.
Somaliland should expel all UN agencies and their staff, with the exception of UNICEF, if it refuses to enter a separate working relationship with Somaliland government.For now, it is time for Somaliland also to stop engaging with the UN and the Somali government it is backing. But when the UN and the Somali government and its western backers accept the rights of Somaliland to decide its own political destiny—if that happens–Somaliland should talk with them. Neither the UN, EU, US, nor Mogadishu is ready for a peaceful and sustainable diplomatic solution for Somalia’s conflict.
Why should the UN bureaucratics determine the future of Somaliland?
That future, if the UN’s ‘Road Map” for Somalia succeed; Somaliland would come under the rule of a puppet government in Mogadishu—where chaos and corruption prevail. It is risky. President Bihi must stop the charade before it is too late.
By: Ali-Guban Mohamed
Editor, Gubanmedia.com
Covering Horn of Africa Region


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