The Ethiopian Consul to Somaliland stays empty for ten months


By: Farrah Yusuf

The Ethiopian consul to Somaliland stays empty for ten months and the government has not so far appointed new council after it had replaced its ex-consul Shamsudin Ahmed Roble. The former Ethiopian consul to Somaliland was replaced in August last year. It is not clear why Ethiopia is dragging its feet to nominate its replacement for Shamsudin. The current Somaliland Foreign Minister told Ethiopian paper that Ethiopia will soon appoint  its consul to Hargeisa. Mr. Yasin Faraton, the FM had reiterated that the ties between Ethiopia, Somaliland remains strong. The FM said in the interview with the reporter, an Ethiopian based newspaper, that the replacement for Shamsudin will be appointed as soon as possible. The presence of Ethiopian consul to Hargeisa is crucial for the boosting of ties in the areas of trade and security. Hargeisa consul has suspended its operations due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Shamsudin, the ex-head of Ethiopian mission to Somaliland assumed the post in January last year and replaced Geberal Berhe Tesfaye who has been the longest serving consul to Somaliland as he held the post for 10 years.


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