Somaliland’s tax system will be taught in the universities


Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire handed over to the Board of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education the Somaliland tax management guide, which will be taught in universities.

The meeting held yesterday at the office of the Minister of Finance, attended by the Director General of the Ministry Md. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, director of the Department of Economics & Public Relations and the Chairman of the Higher Education Committee Saleban Dirir Abdi, the Director of Higher Education and the director of the Curriculum Office agreed that the universities of the country should teach students the courses related to taxation and accounting [Taxation, Finance & Accounting courses ].

Dr. Saad, speaking on the taxes procedure book, which the Department of Economic has been preparing for a long time, said that this book is important to be included in the education of university students, and he said,

“The Ministry of Finance is officially handing over a well-explained book on Somaliland’s tax procedures, the universities of the country teach accounting subjects which were imported to us from abroad, we need to teach our students about Somaliland taxes.

This book will help students to work quickly with Somaliland taxes

The Chairman of the Board of Higher Education, Saleban Dirir, who made a statement, said that they are happy to receive tax guide book, and said “We are sending a message to the universities and colleges that teach tax knowledge to be followed this curriculum knowledge that ministry of Finance has prepared, and you are required to implement it officially.”


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