Army Chief welcomes new commander cadets trained in Ethiopia


The Commander of the National Army  Major General Nuh Ismail Tani today welcomed the Fifth patch of the Somaliland Special Force  commandos who finished training and wished them success.
The army which has been training for a while in our neighboring country of Ethiopia, and received various trainings among others attack in minutes, speed walking, reading the map, skills of patience and endurance.

The Commander of the National Army, Major General Nuh, who spoke about the importance of the armed forces, said that they were valued for their goodness, loyalty, military discipline, tolerance, and their qualities are courage, decision-making, self-sacrifice, and they should be the first person to understand; the first to adapt and respond; and the first to overcome.”
Commander Nuh said that a commando is a soldier who is specially trained, selected and equipped to carry out special operations.
“They are fighters who will take on huge responsibilities, including participating in emergency operations in Somaliland and outside.” Said Commander Nuh.

The training of the Somaliland National Army in Ethiopia, which has been going on for a long time, because of the traditional relationship of cooperation and security between the two countries, has increased during the tenure of Commander Nuh, which is a step that can be seen in the development of the national army in terms of training. and equipment.


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