Somaliland warns against interventions risking its territorial integrity


Press Release

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland, in light of a recent joint press statement in January 28, 2020, on Somalia’s electoral law by its international partners, would like to caution the international community against any interventions in the region that risk compromising Somaliland’s hard-earned, lawful and legitimate sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence.
Somaliland’s vibrant and well-functioning democratic system of governance, which has taken root in the country over the past three decades, derives its highest authority and legal force solely from the Constitution of the Somaliland Republic, which alone reflects the democratic will and self-determination of the Somaliland people. In other words, it is unfortunate that the press statement released by international community seeks to incorporate the East Africa’s strongest democracy (Somaliland) into
Somalia’s experimental and unresolved electoral process.
The Somaliland Government continues to be grateful to the international community for its role in bolstering home-grown democracy and peace in the region, including for its support for Somaliland’s nationally-owned electoral processes. Somaliland, as one of the beacons and pioneers of democracy in the
Horn of Africa, has long promoted and allied with all multilateral efforts to help democracy take root amongst our neighbors, under the belief that democratic values provide the basis for collective peace,
stability and the antidote to extremism.
However, the international community must equally maintain its commitment to act as an honest and neutral broker and avoid taking any stance which risks doing harm to the region’s peace and stability. The Somaliland Government continues to welcome efforts by its international partners to encourage dialogue with our neighbor, Somalia, to ensure peaceful and cooperative relations between our two nations. For such talks to succeed, and for it to win the hearts and minds of the Somaliland people, they must occur in an environment where all sides respect and safeguard the irrevocable decision of the Somaliland people to independently manage their own political affairs, and in particular their own democratic self-governance.
Somaliland’s democratic credentials which international observers attested that Somaliland elections were free, fair and competitive with the conformity of all international standards while Somaliland is the first country in the world to adopt the iris biometric voter registration system. Therefore, the Government of Somaliland again appeals from the international community to respect the will and political aspirations of
the people of Somaliland.


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