Somaliland: Council of Elders Speaker Rejects Resignation Rumors



The Speaker of Somaliland Council of Elders, Suleiman Mohamoud Aden, has repudiated that he is stepping down from his post.

The speaker Suleiman said that he heard from his pending resignation speculations from media outlets.

He also strongly debunked that he was asked to submit his resignation by the President or any other side.

The speaker was responding to rumors of the pending resignation so that the chairman of the controversial National Electoral Commission could occupy his seat. This is alleged to be the government bargain with Abdirashid Riyo raac, the chairman of NEC for his resignation from the electoral body.

That is the bone of contention of the protracted electoral impasse.

Suleiman who served as a speaker since 2004 said that he will stay in the office until he will be removed from the office in a democratic contest.

He also refuted to be suffering from any health complications apart from an old age that would force him to quit his post.


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