Somaliland: UCID leader Condoles with the Family that lost two sons in Eryan killings


ERIGAVO– The leader of Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe arrived yesterday in Erigavo and condoled with the grieving father whose sons were killed in Eryan clan conflict. Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe joined on Tuesday the peace making delegation already in El Afwein to end the inter clan fighting between two brotherly clans living in Sanaag. UCID party leader held discussions with Sanaag commissioner, Hon. Mohamed Ahmed Alin “Timbaro”, Erigavo mayor, Ismail Haji and Sultan Hirsi Qani. The mission behind the meeting was all about on ending the prolonged inter clan fighting between two clans in El Afwein.





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