Somaliland: SCS Commends political parties to make major breakthrough on poll dispute



Somaliland civil society commends the ongoing initiatives aimed in brokering deal among the political Parties of the country. Somaliland CSOs are persuading political Party leaders to reach a lasting solution on the contentious issues to pave the way for the much-delayed elections of the House of Representatives and Local councilors to be held in December 2019.
Somaliland CSOs are reminding Party leaders the importance of holding periodic and timely elections on the Democratization process of the country and Somaliland’s status as a genuine and credible democratic country that upholds the rule of law.
Somaliland CSOs underline that Somaliland citizens will not accept any further unconstitutional extension of terms for the legislatures and local councilors; therefore, we are calling the leaders of the parties to make the necessary compromises needed.
Somaliland CSOs believe a more challenging obstacles than the future of NEC are ahead and needs to be solved for the elections to take place. Issues like the allocation of the seats of the House to the six regions of the country, enactment of the regional and district demarcation law, ratification of the election consolidated bill, allocation of specific Quota to the woman and the minority groups in Somaliland, securing of election funds among others need collaboration, commitment and bold decisions from the President and the Parliament.
Finally, Somaliland CSOs are encouraging political parties to make the necessary compromises needed for the sake of the country that we all love.
Anwar Abdirahman Warsame
SONSAF Chairman



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