Somaliland registers 46 new covid 19 cases, as the cases count stands at 550



The total laboratory tests conducted within the last 24 hours in Somaliland are 133 of these 46 of them are confirmed positive for Covid-19 and the total confirmed cases as of today reached 550. Among the confirmed cases, 40 of them are males and the remaining 6 are females.

Among the confirmed cases, 20 out of the 46 confirmed cases are Somaliland nationals. 16 of them are Indian nationals residing in Somaliland and one Kenyan national living in the country as well.

Their age ranges from 10 to 89 years old.

Somaliland death toll has reached 27 reported deaths after 86 years old male from Hargeisa city has succumbed due to complications arising from Covid-19.

According to Somaliland ministry of health, Covid-19 status update for today, 90 people have fully recovered from the deadly pandemic in Somaliland.

Dr. Hussein Mohamed Yusuf, a high ranking official at the health ministry told local reporters that the 19 of the latest recorded Covid-19 cases of today are identified from Hargeisa, 19 others are from Berbera, four others are from Borama while the remaining 4 are identified from Lowyo Addo city.

Somaliland has so far conducted total laboratory 2150.


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