Somaliland: President unveils National Blood Donation Campaign



HARGEISA–The president of Somaliland His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi on Thursday unveiled the national campaign for blood donation in Hargeisa in a function held at the presidential palace.
The minister responsible for health development in a key note speech has stressed the importance of blood donation as people are of great need of blood donation and blood bank.

The event which the health ministry organized saw the president, deputy president and the council of Somaliland ministers to donate blood for the blood bank at Hargeisa General Hospital.
The national campiagn for blood donation is also launched all across the provinces as Somaliland ministry of healthy has recognized as vital for providing blood to the patients at hospitals.
The minister of health, Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf has reiterated that people need blood at times of accidents and women during labor.
The Head of State has praised the launching of blood donation campaign which is at national level.
He also commended the health ministry officials for initiating such a project which of is of great worth for the entire populace.


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