Somaliland Authorities Speak about Somalia Government Lease of Coastline to the Chinese



The government of Somaliland has revealed that the Somalia regime in Mogadishu has leased the rights to trawl in Somalia waters to a consortium Chinese firms under the umbrella of COFA. The minister of foreign affairs Mr.Yassin Mohammud Hiir Faraton confirmed to the Horn Newspaper in an exclusive interview held with the weekly. The minister was speaking from Europe where he is on official tour.

”We have sufficient information about this matter the regime in Mogadishu has reached an agreement with a Chinese company COFA to fish in Somalia waters which includes Somaliland territorial waters. This is stupidity of the highest order for the Somalia government to lease a territory which is not under her jurisdiction. Somaliland.”

When asked about the stalled talks pertaining the joint management of Somaliland/Somalia airspace which was under ICAO’s supervision before the Somalia government was handed over and Somaliland government plan to return the management of her airspace under her wings he had these to say “Our land, sea and airspace is governed by us nobody can take it from us. Somalia does not have authority over Somaliland. Somalia and Somaliland are two separate countries which are neighbors. We do not accept our airspace to be managed from Mogadishu. Somalia has simply hijacked the management of Somaliland airspace and God willing we shall one day return it back to Somaliland management.”

On his tour across Europe the foreign affairs stated “Everywhere I go my job is to represent the people of Somaliland aspiration of self-determination hence it my responsibility to announce to the world that Somaliland revoked her unity with Somalia in 1991 and no amount of intimidation or sabotage will rescind this decision by the people of Somaliland to manage their own affairs.


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