Somaliland: President Bihi Re-nationalizes Hargeisa Club Hotel


By: Ms. Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Junior Staff Reporter & Writer

HARGEISA–Somaliland President, His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi has stopped the reconstruction and rejuvenation of Hargeisa Club Hotel.

Former president Dahir Rayale handed over the state owned hotel to Somaliland citizen whereby construction was going on. The order to completely halt all construction activities in the Hotel was recently reached by president, Bihi and is part and parcel of a campaign spearheaded by president Bihi to bring state owned assets under the administration of the government.

Sultan Said Yusuf Du’ale and the former Somali renowned athlete, Jama Karain were partners in taking over of the Hotel and once the order was made that all revamp and rebuilding activities halted. President Bihi in historic decision has re-nationalized Berbera Oil Terminal which ex-president Silanyo privatized. Former President Silanyo is blamed for the privatization of major state owned institutions in Somaliland during his administration which sparked a public outcry both from the populace and the political parties. The current campaign to bring all privatized institutions back under the control of the government was hailed in nationwide praising the Head of State for his bold decisions.



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