Somaliland: President Bihi Confers with Controversial Election Commission



HARGEISA—According to the statement, the president told the commission members to his commitment to expediently remove the challenges of the election.

The controversial electoral commission is one of those roadblocks according to the mediation committee that demanded its dissolving.
That proposal was accepted by the gov’t and the opposition parties.
This also comes a day after the president met with the leaders of the opposition parties UCID & WADANI to end the impasse over the overdue of elections.
In a short statement, the president’s office said the leaders discussed the most appropriate and possible time for holding the elections.
The presidency added that the opposition leader and president Bihi discussed the proposal pf the mediation panel that volunteer to end the stalemate.
The president and the opposition leaders agreed ti implement the proposal of the mediation committee starting with the dismissal of current NEC.


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