Somaliland: President, Bihi chairs 17th council of ministers meeting


HARGEISA– The president of Somaliland, His Excellency, Musa Bihi Abdi on Thursday chaired the 17th meeting of the Cabinet which was held at the presidential mansion. Security, social development and the implementation of national service all across the country were high in the agenda. The ministry of interior presented a lengthy report on national security.

As regard to the National Development Plan 2 (NDPII), the council of ministers have agreed in unison that the development of basics needs must be a first priory including health, water, education, fishing, livestock husbandry and the development of Somaliland roads. The council of ministers have reached a common understanding on the establishment of water dams aimed at stopping the running water. The running water during rainy seasons cause human casualties and the destruction of properties.

The objective behind the creation of water dams is to prevent the damage caused by running water and is also aimed at reducing water shortage that the country is faced with during the dry seasons. It is also meant that people should benefit the water. The council of ministers have announced that two water dams will be established in Oodweyne region and the other one in the south of Hargeisa. A plan of action on national service project was presented before the council of ministers where a committee was tasked to formulate. It is said that the committee finished the first phase of the national service and will be implemented soon.

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