Somaliland: Parliament Defers approving two controversial Election Commissioners


Somaliland parliament has postponed a parliamentary session which was due to take place today for next Saturday. The meeting was expected to be approved two electoral commission members who are representing the two main opposition parties in the country namely Wadani and UCID. The reason cited for the deferring of the parliament session is that the Lower House is to receive an official letter from the president who was recently in Djibouti for Somalia-Somaliland talks. It was last week when the speaker of the Lower House of parliament called for a special meeting of members of the parliament. Earlier this year, the house of the representatives dismissed to pass Mohamed Saed Dalmar who is representing Wadani party and Abdifatah Ibrahim Hasan who is representing UCID Party. The Lower House said that these members have failed to meet the requirements. Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi and the two opposition leaders jointly dismissed the verdict of the house of representatives. The three political parties reached an agreement earlier this year for elections to be conducted in 2021 but lack of preparation, Covid-19 outbreak, voter registration and sparring over power sharing of the country could be the obstacles to the possibility of timely polls in the country. Somaliland government has repeatedly deferred parliamentary elections despite protests of the Opposition parties. The House of Reps. term expired in 2010 but hold onto office by successive extensions. The local councils term expired in 2017. The political parties sparred over the creation of an impartial electoral commission.


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