Somaliland: Hargeisa public hospital is in dire state unless gov’t intervenes urgently


Hargeisa–The largest public hospital in Hargeisa dubbed Hargeisa General Hospital is dire state according to the house of elders committee on social affairs. The Upper house of the parliament committee called upon urgent intervention to save the hospital from total collapse. Mr. Ahmed Dahir Jirde, the chairman of the committee in charge of social affairs have been quoted as saying that the mental illness department is on the brink of crumbling. The mental illness department has confirmed for him that there are mentally challenged females who are pregnant while others have delivered babies.

The biggest problem is that the mentally unstable mothers are trying to kill their babies and the hospital staff are struggling to keep on watchful eye on them. The parliamentary committee on social affairs have reported that there are 45 males and 25 females who have been admitted into mental illness department at Hargeisa General Hospital. They have expressed their concern that the females at the mental illness department have been neglected and have access to poor basic services. Doctors told that they are protecting the mentally challenged mothers to kill their babies. This is the a huge problem that the staffers at Hargeisa mental department are confronted. The parliament committee have said in loud and clear voice that people with mental illness should be build a separate department instead of keeping them in the state hospital. They have said that emergency department at the state hospital is about to collapse  unless there is an intervention from the government. The chairman of the parliament committee on social affairs have reported that 870 staffers currently are employed at the state hospital where 380 are in the government payroll. He called upon the improvement of their education by giving them training. The new Director General of the hospital has inherited a debt of 35000 USD of electricity bills, 288000 USD of borrowed medical supplies.

Mr. Jirde has said that the hospital is in a state of bankruptcy and is to pay 423,000 USD. The state hospital is subsidized by the government budget on annual basis but patients pay all the services but the parliament has said that the hospital is dire state unless there is an urgent intervention from the government.



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