Somaliland government discloses results of blood tests taken from people to have contracted COVID-19



Somaliland government has disclosed the much awaited results of blood tests of people who were suspected of contracting the COVID-19 and their blood samples were sent to Nairobi for further laboratory examinations.

Those suspected of having contracted the COVID-19 include people who contacted with the Chinese citizen and Somali national who tested positive for COVID-19.

The government has announced that the blood samples tested negative which means that the suspected people are free from the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic.

This was revealed by the Director General of the health ministry today, Mohamed Abdi Hergeye while speaking to SL press.

The DG has stressed that there are new COVID-19 cases besides the two cases that were previously announced by the government that they were positive for the virus.

Mohamed, the DG has also said that the government has set up health facilities reserved for handling and treating COVID-19 patients across Somaliland territory.

Mr. Hergeye has also revealed that the first two COVID-19 patients are recuperating and that their health is getting better.




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