Fighting Coronavirus in Somaliland



The Somaliland American Health Association (SAHA) works to address critical public health needs impacting Somaliland’s hospitals and healthcare systems. While these doctors, nurses, dentists, and Allied Health Professionals are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in North America, they are also committed to providing technical expertise and logistical support to the local health professionals and communities at home. The Minister for Health Development recently said in an interview: “Our hospitals need respiratory ventilators, oxygen generators, personal protective equipment, disinfectants, gloves, gowns, masks, and consumables. Most of our hospitals have no functioning intensive care units [ICUs] except for the Hargeisa referral hospital, which can serve a limited number of patients.” The success of this organization is undoubtedly attributed to the participation, collaboration, and creativity of our members and community partners – your innovative ideas and monetary contributions are welcomed to supply the desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the frontline doctors, nurses, health professionals, and other public officials fighting this deadly disease. Please donate here and email us your thoughts and stories at Dr. Abdirahman Madar Dr. Hussain Hanfi Dr. Sharmarke Magan.

Somaliland American Health Association SAHA is organizing this fundraiser.


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