Somaliland engrossed rival powers




Under the leadership of the current president of Somaliland all eyes of the world are fixated to Somaliland —not only the largest conglomerates but the most economically and militarily powerful ones yet rivals are exploring around what Somaliland has to offer them. Its untapped natural resources raging from its huge hydrocarbon deposits equated to being larger than Kuwait and the UAE combined and among its many other resources — and adding to the basket its strategic location is attracting China and the Russians. The latter over the recent years has been attempting to revive its historic relationship with people of Somaliland as it has had a military base at Berberea Port—it had complimented to providing health services to Berbera Hospital which had hugely benefited from Russian doctors. People across the country would once make a journey to this hospital to seek its world class health services. Peoples of this country have never forgotten Russia’s generosity and feel today to be indebted to them—not only inhabitants of Berbera will be exuberant to see Russia coming back to Berbera but should receive a jubilation welcome back from the society.

China and Russia outlook to Somaliland leaves behind the Europe and the USA outwitting them by their outdated perspectives. China has been slowly turning most African countries to Chinese economic zones. That has in recent times seen China investing billions of dollars into the economy of African countries and providing low interest rate loans—that relegated the World Bank and IMF second to China. In the past IMF and World Bank economic policies seen African countries riddled with huge debt. China in return accessed lucrative contracts and new markets for its export industries—good examples are our nearest neighbours of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya who have hugely benefited from China funded projects ranging from road and rail networks, aiding African’s industrialisation and successful oil exploration in Ethiopia.

Somaliland will benefit, if attracts Russia which has been showing signs to reconnect to Somaliland —it had been once a close friend of our people. Resurgence of relation with Russia, not only the health service will benefit again but it should permeate every sector aiding to exploit its resources. In return Russia would be securing a lucrative economic contract and getting a foothold in commanding strategic location that is a vital interest in its global influences economically and militarily.

The newly democratically elected president of Somaliland — has engrossed international community in his anti-corruption policies and good governance. Conversely, underperforming departmental governments lack of the capacity to run huge developmental projects and connect the country to the world.

Ahmed Abdi Isse


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