Somaliland Constitutional Affairs Ministry Organizes Two-Day Workshop for Sections of the Community



SL ministry of National Assemblies & Constitutional affairs for coordination together with the ministry of justice organized two-day workshop on constitutional law & justice for various section of the community.

The event was attended by gov’t officials including the minister of constitutional affairs, Mohmed Haji Adam.

At the opening ceremony of the event, SL constitutional affairs minister, Mohmed Haji Adam welcomed the attendees and shared them with the importance of this program as well as encouraged them to benefit from the program.

Mohmed Haji said: “Our main purpose is that we invited these great intellectuals including Dr. Amal to take advantage of them to other knowledge of the constitution and justice in our nation.”

The ministry of national assemblies and constitutional affairs said that SL has one of the best constitutions on earth but the public does not apply it well.

He said as government institutions will develop their knowledge.

Justice Ministry DG, Abdirahman said: ” The ministry of justice and the ministry of parliamentary affairs and constitution have organized this workshop in a bid to promote constitutional affairs in SL. The creation of SL constitution dates back to SL’s inception back in 1991 and creating a constitution that was in line with the int’l standards that protects basic rights was a process. It was a debate Somalilanders  came together in general grand conferences in Hargeisa as well as Borama. Somalilanders have succeeded with great struggle to vote for the constitution in 2001. Now today we have organized this workshop so that diverse section of the participants can at least listen to Dr. Amal and learn from other constitutions that have been created in other countries and to focus on how best we can first understand the parts of the constitution and what our young academicians, law school students in our universities can at least learn the inter play between the constitution and the provision of justice.”

On the other hand, Dr. Amal Ali who is an expert of this field explained in depth the importance of the project.

Amal said: ” This program was brought together by the ministries of justice together with the ministry of parliamentary and constitutional affairs where the Director Generals and I sat down together and thought the constitutional law as the a fundamental area of law in most legal systems including SL and we want to see where we are in terms of the constitutional law and where we could go trying to identify what the gaps are and why we suggest improvement. The purpose of most constitutions is to deliver justice the reason why we have decided to add the term justice is  that is to see the ways which the constitutional law could benefit as SL and could allow us to deliver justice to the different section of the communities. The constitution is a very strong document. It is the backbone of every society and within the constitution, there is a legal section, there is a political section, and there is social section. So here today we are focusing on the legal and we are seeing the way in which predominantly constitutional law can allow us to deliver efficient decisions making as well as allow us to deliver justice with SL.”

For the past year the Somaliland government has been striving to increase its efforts to improve public awareness on constitutional law and justice.

The government recently launched a civic education guide book designed for SL higher education institutions



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