Somaliland: Civil Service Commission Chair Confers with Senior World Bank Officials


SL Civil Service Commission Chair and the Civil Service Institute, Mr. Farhan Adan Haibe, on Sunday, received a high powered delegation from the World Bank officials based in Nairobi and Washington who have paid a courtesy call to the republic of Somaliland. The Civil Service Agency chair and the high level World Bank delegation held lengthy discussion that lasted for hours. The essence of the meeting was to discuss on the achievements made pertaining to reforms on Somaliland’s civil service program which aimed at getting rid of ghost workers from the payroll. The World Bank funded project is gov policy which is intended to reform, improve their quality in regard to the servants of the state. The chair said that he held talks with senior World Bank officials including Mr Grogery and Miss Lucy.  The Chair stated that he briefed the visiting Wold Bank officials on the progress made on the realization of improving the quality of Somaliland’s civil service. The chair was accompanied by the director general and other senior officials from the Civil Service agency. Mr. Farhan also said that he discussed with the delegation accelerating the pension system so that the youth in Somaliland would get employment opportunities. He also raised the need of health provision to the civil servants and accommodation which are of great need. Finally, the chair and the delegation have agreed to implement unfinished business on the project of reforming the civil servants in Somaliland.



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