Somaliland: Awdal Provincial Governor the First official to Go AWOL from Bihi’s Administration



Awdal provincial governor fled from Borama, Awdal’s regional capital after two police officers were killed in action in Garadag. This was confirmed by Hon. Abdi Osman Dhagaweyne, a member of local councils in Borama. The Councilor told that Mr. Abdirahman Ahmed Ali, Awdal’s provincial governor fled from Borama on the 29th of April, after two police officers were killed in an ambush. The governor is said to be in next of kin to the assailants that were behind the barbaric and heinous killing of the two fallen police officers killed in the line of duty. The Councilor said that he traveled to Hargeisa in order to convince the governor to return back to duty. He asserted that the regional governor won’t come back to Borama. The governor is currently staying in Hargeisa and the pesidnt of the republic is fully aware that he is hiding in the capital. He is scared of being killed as he is next of kin to the assailants. 




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