Somaliland: 20 people killed in Eil Afweyn inter clan fighting



20 people so far confirmed to have died for the past 24 hrs in the inter-clan fighting in Eil Afweyn which is part of Sanaag region.

It is also reported that 30 people to have been injured in the ethnic clashes between the two brotherly clans that have fought in Eil Afweyn.

The skirmishes between two brotherly clans erupted in Baalweyne village nearby Dararweyne. Reports confirm that two armed clans clashed leaving ten people dead.

Eye witnesses reported that the inter clan confrontations spread across many village in Sanaag province as the warring sides use battle wagons.

Mr. Mohamud Omar, a resident in Kulaal village which is under the administration of Xudun district confirmed that he could hear the gunshots as the two clans exchanging heavy fire.

He also reported that nomads are fleeing from the scene of the clashes.

The president of the state, Musa Bihi is reportedly to have held an emergency meeting with senior officers of the defense forces.

The chief of defense forces was informed to deploy units of Somaliland defense forces to pacify the areas in Sanaag province where the two clans skirmished.

The army chief was also apprised of using any excessive forces to bring the situation under the control of the armed forces.



  1. Somaliland enemies were angry about the Somaliland presidents successfull trip to Guinea.

    Therefore they started this clan fight in Sanaag to make Somaliland look bad. Especially Majerteenia have a hand in creating this situation.

    Majerteenia control Biciide clan(Habar Jeclo) via Mr. Buurmadow and they control Sacad Yoonis via Col Aare. When they want to create problem they just pay these two.

    This time i think they paid Buurmadow because Biciife attacked the Saad Yoonis.

    Also the Majerteen were angry about Faysal ali waraabes wordd on tv, so they looked for revenge.

    Majerteen way of revenge is to create division and problem in Somaliland. Not easy in Somaliland but they have found our weak link: Biciide and Sacad Yoonis.

    President Muuse must take their Tiknikos from them by force and their weapons. Don’ declare a state of emergency but silently impose a state of emergency system in El Afweyn districr.


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