Somalian President Appoints officials & Sacks Others



Somalian President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo on Sunday has appointed two officials who will assume posts at Benadir province. According to a presidential decree, the Somali leader has named Mr. Ahmed Hasan Iman as the new deputy chairman in charge of management and financial affairs for Benadir region. At the same time, he appointed Omar Ali Abdi as the deputy chairman responsible for public works for Benadir region. The President has realized the importance of filling the vacant posts and considered the qualifications and experience that the two officials have for the job. He urged to discharge their duties diligently. President Farmajo has relieved all his duty from Ibrahim Omar Mahad Alle who was in charge of the deputy chairman of the management and finnacial affairs of Benadir region. He has also sacked Mr. Ali Fiidow from the deputy chair of public works of Benadir region.


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