Somalia: State Hirshabelle MP’s table motions to unseat the president & speaker


The political disagreement between Hirshabelle State President, Mohamed Abdi Ware and the state parliament, Osman Bare has erupted and could be felt in Jawhar, the administrative seat of Hirshabelle state of Somalia. The sitting state parliament speaker, Osman Barre, announced in a press conference last night that he received a motion tabled by the lawmakers calling for the removal of President Ware from office. Osman disclosed that 54 lawmakers submitted the motion in which they alleged that President Ware committed widespread corruption. The MP’s also accused him of violating the state’s constitution. Osman promised to hold an extraordinary session for the lawmakers. On the other hand, the first deputy state parliament speaker, Abdi Husein Gedi, told the press that he received a motion tabled by 63 MP’s calling to unseat the parliament speaker, Osman Barre. Mr. Gedi reiterated that he will hold an immediate extraordinary parliament session to remove the state parliament speaker. The political feud that erupted between Hirshabelle top leaders comes at a time when the incumbent state Hirshabelle president’s term in office expires within a month.


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