Somali army liberates 3 villages from al-Shabaab



MOGADISHU, Somalia–Somali army has liberated at least three villages from al-Shabaab militant group in the country’s southwestern region of Bay on Wednesday, officials said.

Nour Ali Mohamed, acting commander of the Somali military’s 154th battalion, told media that Somali forces liberated Rahole, Biyo-dhale and Bandhub villages from al-Shabaab after an operation against the group in the region.

“During our operation, we have killed several al-Shabaab militants and wounded several others,” Mohamed added.

Ibrahim Mohamed Nour Shigshigow, the mayor of Dinsor town, said the operation will continue until the Bay region is cleared of al-Shabaab militants.

The operation came days after bomb explosion near a police station in Dinsor town, which left at least five people dead and four others injured.



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