SL Coast Guard Receives EU Vehicles and Equipment


The Somaliland Coast Guard has received vehicles and equipment from the European Union (EU) under the auspices of EUCAP and UNPOS.

The equipment European Union donated to the Somaliland Coast Guard including 6 vehicles, 100 individual first aid kits, 10 first responder aid kits for boats, 10 VHF radios, 2 rescue cradles, 800 uniforms, and 2 generators.

A handing over ceremony held Coast Guard base in Berbera was attended Deputy Minister of Interior for  security Abdillahi Hussein Mohamed, Sahil Governor Ahmed M. Hashi,   Sahil Regional Secretary Nuh Mohamed Saleban, Sahil Region MPs, Ms. Laurianne COMARD EU Delegation  and senior officials from UNOPS, the European Union, and other dignitaries. Admiral Mohamed Hussein Farah, (Hirane), in a speech, thanked the donors for the donation and said the Somaliland Coast Guard had not received any vehicles from donor agencies for 12 years.

Admiral Hiirane said that they have conveyed to their partners all their needs and are waiting for more donations and Somaliland Coast Guard committed guarding the safety of the Somaliland coastal & sea waters. ”

The equipment will improve the operational surveillance capabilities of Somaliland Coast Guards in operational areas. The donation complements the support provided by the EU Advisory Mission (@EUCAPSOM) to bolster Somaliland Coast Guard maritime capabilities.

Various officials who spoke at the event welcomed the support of the Somaliland Coast Guard and urged all partners to boost capacity building of the force to fulfill their tasks of its people and country.

Ms. Laurianne Comard, the EU Delegation head, said that the EUCAP mission had long provided substantial support to enhance the Coast Guard’s capacity for training and mentoring.

Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Abdillahi Hussein Mohamed concluded by praising the work of the Somaliland Coast Guard, which he said had protected Somaliland waters from encroachment.

EU donated equipment comes just days after @EUCAPSOM completion of bi-weekly maritime skills development training programme, @somalilandcoas1 Admiral echoed, “I am glad that our personnel are receiving such efficient skill improvement.”


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