President calls for closer cooperation with police force


As the nation celebrates the 28th Anniversary of the National Police Force

By M.A. Egge

President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi graced the 28th Anniversary of the National Police Force, which this year saw the unprecedented speed delivered at the venue by chiefs of Police of our country neighbors, namely Djibouti and Ethiopian Somali State.

The Head of State notably pointed out the monumental endeavors so far achieved through selfless efforts emanating from their sacrificial actions. He decried the unprovoked incidences of assault cases that the members of the force were sporadically subjected to while in the cause of their duties.

He was convictional that it was incumbent upon the citizenry to won in collaboration with the police and not to the contrary.

He expressed his shock concerning the Somalia member state of Puntland wanting to have this country termed a terrorist state.He had profuse words of good tidings for the force, applauded, and thanked them for their achievements over the past three decades.

Similar words were echoed by the Interior Minister whose portfolio
carries the police docket. He termed the constant services of police force as being the main key to peaceful stability in any communal setting.

The chief police commander Brig Gen Mohamed Adan Saqadi revisited the  recent efforts made in streamlining the police force services as concerns diligence and swift actions especially by building good rapport amongst the members of the public and general collaboration with the police force; this includes, he underpinned, includes the
injecting fresh blood of educated youth amongst the ranks and files
of the department.

The two other neighboring countries Police Commanders addressed the gathering.

Commander Saqadi underscores police aims of higher achievements Djibouti and Ethiopia’s Somali region pledged fostering co-operation. The Commander of the National Police Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadi revealed that they have prepared a young force of senior and junior officers, detectives, servicemen, and women who will promote the development and leadership of the police force.

He noted that whereas many have been deployed in all the regions of the country, comprehensive training of others is continuous. Commander Mohamed, who delivered a long and moving speech on the occasion of the 28th Anniversary of the Police Force of the Republic of Somaliland, spoke about the achievements of the Police Force in 2020 and plans for the near future, consisting of different pillars, like
• Promoting trust members of the public and Police Force
• Creating a new face for the police force of diligent officers
• Strengthen cooperation between the police and other government agencies
• Improving the health care of the members of the police force
• Strengthening and enhancing the performance of the police force.

Commander Mohamed, giving a brief overview of what they have accomplished, said that building trust between public and the police force was paramount since without it the force could perform its duties as expected.

A lot has been done in community policing, like training led by the Ministry of Interior, for the local community in conjunction with the area the police stations, so that everyone can trust their neighborhood police station.

They also partnered with elders and other well-wishers, to create relationship of the neighborhood and the police force, efforts that created greater trust between the police force and the community.

Brigadier General Mohamed, outlining their plans for the near future, said that the first step is to strengthen the community policing process, so that the trust of the police and the community to reach apex to facilitate for maximum performance of the force in curbing
crimes. Other plans are:-

Planning to forge cooperation with International Police (Inter-Pol) to co-operate on cross-border crime. The construction of a large hospital, obtaining the latest drug testing infrastructure, as well as improving & conducting rigorous training with Traffic Police and the Tax Protection Force.

The introduction of a broad database to monitor crimes throughout the regions of the country. He said that they were planning to produce all the food for the police force’s needs. He revealed that the Police Training College would be twinned with those in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Taiwan, Uganda, to become connected to international universities.

Police Chief lastly applauded President H.E. Muse, for his prompt address of any need or issue that arises. He extended acknowledgments to the Minister of Finance, Accountant
General and the Minister of Interior, who was always at hand and have been a source of advice and guidance; always supportive.

Similarly, the commanders of the Djiboutian Police Force and the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia who attended the Somaliland Police Force commended the co-operation and pledged to further it.

The Commander of the Ethiopian Somali State Police Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Ali Hassan, pledged to further expand cooperation with the Somaliland Police Force during his speech at the on the occassion praising their progress, adding that the police force in each country has the same duties, adding that Ethiopia Somali state and the Republic of Somaliland police forces have close working cooperation to safeguard the long border between two countries, for the safety of people and their property.

He wished the prosperity of the two forces and promised to strengthen cooperation between Ethiopia’s Somali state Police and the Republic of Somaliland.

The Djiboutian Police Chief, Colonel Abdullahi Abdi Farah, prayed for the police officers who died in the line of duty and wished for the recovery of the injured.
Djiboutian Police Chief Colonel Abdillahi said the police force is working hard for the nation to maintain security and wished them well.
Both commanders attendance is for the first time, a gesture of their close cooperation with Rep of Somaliland Police Chief, Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadhi.


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