Implementation of E-Learning Platform at CSI


The unpreparedness of educators and students in the learning process becomes weakness in traditional learning. Moreover, teaching material that has been delivered cannot be repeated while the small notes and educator explanations have limitations in knowledge transfer. This method is ineffective and also have limited learning space and time that cannot be accessed anytime and anywhere.

In the current development, students have tendency and dependence on digital content or ICT. The condition is of positive value for online or virtual learning activities, teaching materials can be accessed, stored and shared through the internet.

Changes in technologies have changed our lives. Education field was not exempted from the current technological changes. Technology now plays an important role to improve accessibility in seeking knowledge and wisdom much faster and easier. The changes of Somaliland education system and worldwide generally have taken steps to lead the field in using trusted online access to benefit the education sector. Public institutions in Somaliland which must take advantage from ease of internet access to provide its students with more secure and reliable information more efficiency.

Ali Abdillahi is a member of CSI team who joined the institute in March 2020 under the Talent Management Program for the ICT department of the institute. Mr. Ali helped the institute take full research on moving to the digital world and developed LMS-based E-Learning System that became first of its type implemented at Somaliland Civil Service Institute (CSI). The system is fully functional and 724 students in different regions of Somaliland are already enrolled. Especially this important time where Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people’s lives in the world, the students are enrolled in different subjects such as Accounting, Urban management, Public Administration and other courses including Masters Program courses.

The Civil Service Institute is very excited to implement and launch its Online Learning platform which is designed to provide lecturers, administrators and students with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

The significance of this system is that it is proven, stable with a quality system and friendly layout, it also enables access to contents in different levels with audio and video options enabling CSI students to use it wherever they are.


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