Puntland resettles deportees from Somaliland



Puntland authority has resettled about seven hundred people on temporary basis who were expelled by Somaliland government. This was disclosed by the Interior Minister, Mohmed Dhabanad, who has revealed that 758 people among men, women and children received shelter, food and medical supplies. The deportees were mainly resettled in Galka’ayo following their arrival there on Sunday. Those who spoke to the media said they left some of their families and property in Lasa’anod after they were forcefully evicted by Somaliland authorities. The Muse Bihi administration accused the evictees most of whom originate from South West state of fueling insecurity in the area. However, sources said business rivalry may have led to the eviction. The families, mostly children and women, were mostly welcomed in Galka’ayo, where they were provided with medical care and nutrition. Puntland Minister of Interior Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabanad said 758 people had been initially welcomed in Galka’ayo. Some of these people said that they left their families and property in Las Anod, after being suddenly deported from Las Anod. Puntland immediately appealed to local aid agencies to take part in the resettlement of these families. Displaced people from Las Anod who spoke to the media demanded that they be allowed to leave their property and families stranded in Las Anod.


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