President conveys Somaliland’s conditions for dialogue with Somalia to Turkish delegation


The President of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi received on Tuesday at the Presidency a delegation from Turkey led by the representative of the Turkish government in charge of Somaliland and Somalia Talks Amb. Alpy.

The Head of State and the delegation from Turkey pondered on the talks between Somaliland and Somalia in details whereby the Turks were briefed on all the past meetings on the issue held between the two countries in an update recapped upto where the Talks stalled.

The President underscored the issues concerned as conditions to resuscitating that Somaliland had set for the resumption of talks.

It is noteworthy to state that the President his consistently called for the necessity of having a concrete agenda for the Talks as he spoke on the resuscitation of the dialogue between the two countries.

He has also clearly spelt the need of having international entities that would see to the implementations and executions of any agreements that come out of the talks.

The Turkish delegation which consisted of its representative in Somaliland Harun Aslan, said that they discussed the aspects of the issue with the President.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Jesus Keyd Mohamud flanked the President to the meeting of the Turkish delegation.


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