Police arrest man for smuggling gecko lizards from Somaliland



Somaliland police have detained a man at Hargeisa airport who was trying to smuggle gecko lizards from the country illegally.

Police Spokeman, Faisal Heiss, has said that the Egyptian man has used fridges and hid them at the bottom.

Police said that they have confiscated at least 300 gecko lizards. Police further revealed that he collected them from the eastern of Hargeisa.

The Egyptian man has given money to nomads in exchange for the gecko lizards to be collected for him.

Police have further disclosed that the man has given ten dollars to the youngsters who have collected the lizards for him on daily day basis.

Police have announced that the man was trying to smuggle the gecko lizards to the Asian countries including Thailand, Japan and Indonesia.

One gecko lizards will be sold in the aforementioned countries to 100 US dollars.

Police have reported that he smuggled the lizards for the fourth time.

Police Spokesman has confirmed that the Egyptian man accused of smuggling the lizards is under arrest awaiting to be brought to a court of law.

He called upon the public not to allow animals in their homelands to be exported to overseas.


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