Minister Buuhane lauds national schools extermination council for lending credence to the sector


The Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Ahmed Adan Buuhane has lauded the national examinations council for doing a tremendous job in seeing t it that the caliber of the secondary school graduates is at par with acceptable international standards and is recognized.

The minister gave the sentiments as he briefed the permanent Standing Committee of the Somaliland Senate led by in Hon. Dayib Hassan Ahmed. The minister stated that students who have completed their secondary schools examination were admitted to institutions of higher learning in all neighbouring countries as far as in the Sudan and beyond.

He noted that the recognition and acknowledgment of the country’s national schools’ certificate is evidenced in even the US itself.

He emphasized that such reputable fete is due to the diligence f the council charged with the task who “should be in act lauded for the achievement” especially under the leadership of Chairman Daud Ahmed Farah.

Hon. Buuhane revealed that they have already absorbed this year 120 women teachers into training for teachers’ course and are currently in college in Daboloq.

He further emphasized that the ministry would step up educational services to the marginal pastoral pupils and students whose families are largely nomadic.

The ministered underscored the fact that arid boarding facilities are abundant hence the department always supported it by supplying them with foodstuffs.

He similarly disclosed that resuscitation of polytechnic centers is a main focus of the ministry. Saying that while one is already underway in Hargeisa, through the sponsorship of the GIZ hence about to be completed, the minister pointed out that the other one is in Burao facilitated by King Salmaan Foundation.

He said that this year will see twenty thousand students sitting for the annual exams which will have its invigilation further fortified by local universities institutions.


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