Chief Justice in crucial meeting with the justice sector


The Chief Justice who is also the President of the Supreme Court of Somaliland, Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, held a crucial meeting to bolster and strengthen the services that the diverse sectors of the judiciary and prosecution dispense.

Apart from the Chief Justice and the Attorney General Abdirahman Jama Hayaan, Attorney General Abdisamad Omar Maal, the meeting was attended by the Director General of the Ministry of Justice, Ismail Suleiman Bowkah, Chairman of the Law Review Committee Mohamud Hussein Farah, judges of the Supreme Court, members of the Justice Committee, the chairmen of the Court of Appeal of Maaroodi-jeh, the Regional Court of Maaroodi-jeh, the District Court of Hargeisa, some of the deputies of the Attorney General, the officials of the SOLLA Bar Association and the prosecutors and lawyers operating in the Maroodi-jeeh.

Major issue on focus was the stepping up of the services especially on inter-departmental working relations and the general bolstering of the services for the nation.


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