Mexico Sets to Organize Gastronomic Week in Addis


Addis Ababa September  04/2018 The 6th Mexico Gastronomic Week in Addis Ababa, is to be staged from 14- 20 September, 2018 Victor M. Trevino, Ambassador of Mexico to Ethiopia said.

The embassy will organize the event in collaboration with Summerfield’s Restaurant of Sheraton Addis.

In press release he gave to the media today, the ambassador stated that Ethiopia has a very reach cuisine experience in Africa. The objective of the event is to exchange new experience of cuisine between Ethiopia and Mexico.

In light of the event, Ambassador Victor said Ethiopia and Mexico have many things in common such as “Spices which are very tasteful, some chilies, and corn and even we use cactus”, the exhibition is aimed to encourage Ethiopian people to do the cuisine with local ingredients.

Mexico uses cactus as delicious salad dish.

In this regard, he said some Ethiopian entrepreneurs will be interested to utilize the advantage because cactus grows abundantly in Tigray Regional Sate of Ethiopia.

Chef Omar Cuellar, who is regarded as one of Mexico’s great master chefs, will be working with Ethiopian chefs to present a tasting menu reflective of Portugal’s traditional fare of fresh Mexican food and modern twists, the Ambassador added.

Ethiopia and Mexico will celebrate their 70 years anniversary soon. This would create a favorable environment to even heighten the relationship between the two countries, Ambassador reminded.

The diplomatic relation between Mexico and Ethiopia dated back to 1949



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