I promise that the Assembly will work concertedly together in national interest, pledges Speaker Yasin Faratoon


The Speaker of the House of Representatives of has pledged that he would rally the parliament together and work in concerted efforts towards prosperity and in the cause of national interests and cohesion.

The newly elected Speaker Hon. Yasin Haji Mohamud Hiir (Faratoon) gave the pledge at a luncheon banquette made in his honour by the Director of Somaliland Ports Mr. Said Hassan Abdillahi at Doolayere Hotel in Hargeisa.

He said that he would lead the parliament on the worthy cause and course expected of an august house hence rally his fellow parliamentarians to working in concerted efforts for tangible results oriented in national interests.

He thanked Mr. Said Hassan, the host who threw the banquette in his honour.

On his part, the host said that the members of the House of Representatives showed nationalism and democracy. “You can see from the morale of the MPs that they will work with the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

The Chairman of the KAAH Political Association, Mohamud Hashi Abdi, who also spoke at the event, pointed out that was always winners and losers in competitions hence lessons ought to be reflected upon in the processes.


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