Somaliland Celebrates the 33rd Anniversary of the 18th May Independence Day


The commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of the Republic of Somaliland’s re-assertion of its Independence Day declared on May 18th 1991 was held remarkably at the capital city, in all the regions and districts across the country and in foreign lands where ample numbers of Somalilanders reside.

The Head of State H.E. President Musa Bihi Abdi who was flanked by the 3rd President of the Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin led the nation in celebrating the Day.

He was convictional that the nation of the Republic of Somaliland will continue its aspirations and shall never turn the clock back as far as its essence and entity as a nation was concerned, as he addressed the nation, while H.E. Rayale urged the populaces to shun tribalism and clannish tendencies.

Present at the dais to grace the occasion was also former Vice President Abdirahman Aw-Ali Farah, former Vice President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, Senate Speaker Hon. Suleiman M. Adan, Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Yasin Hiir Faratoon, Chairman of the WADDANI Mr. Hirsi Ali X. Hassan, WADDANI presidential candidate Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdillahi, service commanders, officials from the KULMIYE Party and the UCID Party, members of the cabinet, MPs, diplomats, distinguished local and foreign guests.

Hundreds of thousands of city residents who enthusiastically celebrated the anniversary thronged the streets to highlight, underscore and emphasize the essence and entity of Somaliland as a nation hence holding its aspirations in esteem.

The numbers of people glued to television sets and social media has this time round been unprecedented and formidable as they followed the events being streamed live.

Impressive performance in the arena was the participation of students from the country’s colleges and schools, the city’s boroughs and prefectures, various business associations, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Some of the Ministries and national institutions of Somaliland, especially the Ministry of Information and the National Newspaper Dawan, the various departments that participated in the event presented their special skills, and were greatly welcomed by the members of the public and the audience.

Various arms of the security departments made an impeccable march with displays of their military gears, some being new and had never been paraded in public before.

The sight of the hundreds of thousands of troops that passed through the square has become a reality for friends and foes alike, hence evidently exhibits the potential of the national armed forces with hundreds of armoured cars displayed.

On the other hand, the commemoration event on 18 May 2024, has been celebrated more widely than in previous years in the regions and districts of the country.

Its motto is Recognition, Solidarity and National Defense,

The celebrations are being observed abroad by the diaspora with participations of officials who have already been dispatched from Somaliland.

For instance, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives is already in Holland to join the diaspora patriots in celebrating the Day.


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