Borama taxes can sufficiently build a beautiful and clean city, says the VP


The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saili’i) graced an event where newly acquired assorted road construction and maintenance machineries by Borama municipal council were availed on Tuesday.

The machineries that consisted of excavators, bulldozers, water-bowsers, bitumen sprayer trucks road construction tractors and asphalt paver etc were displayed t the city’s central square.

Cabinet ministers, the local administrative and authority officials, and scores of officials of numerous departments attended the event of the occasion.

In a brief address the VP noted the tax collections accrued in Borama is sufficient enough to build and beatify the city.

He urged the local authority management to be diligent and assure that they have competent and skilled staff who would maintain the serviceable status of the machineries, which have just been bought by the council and are indeed brand new.

He urged the residence to pay taxes such that tangible development may be achieved.

He said, “this is a milestone achievement for the Borama municipal council since they bought and acquired all these equipments at once, they are brand new and unused, and if they are taken care of, it will serve their people for the next twenty to thirty years.”

The Vice President lauded the local council of Borama district for thir developments.

He said, “As for the local council led by Mayor Mohamed, I congratulate them for the admirable step they have taken, and I would like them to take the advice given today”.

He continued, “They are more fortunate than other districts in the country because they have two impeccable examples. They can follow the example of Amoud University and the Shaaba Water Company, both of which have worked hard to achieve what is called sustainability, and have succeeded in continuing to do so for the past twenty years”.


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