The people will go to polls and everyone will vote for the person of their choice, says the President


Fortunately for us in KULMIYE we are going to polls, and would compete against adversaries we prevailed upon before, he adds


The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi who is also the flag-bearer of the ruling KULMIYE party gunning to retain his seat in the forth coming elections, attended over the week the executive council meeting at the party’s headquarters in Hargeisa.

The Head of State was welcomed by the chairman of KULMIYE party, who is also the minister of interior, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed with all party stalwarts present, opened the meeting.

They were informed by the chair about the activities of the party and how they are engaged in preparing for the elections.

The meeting of the executive committee of the KULMIYE party focused on various issues including the acceleration and preparations for the elections, the MoU agreement between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia which is going on well and the general security situation in the country.

The participants gave suggestions and views based on knowledge and experience, which can contribute to the party’s efforts to win the country’s government for the third time in a row.

The chairman of the technical committee of the charged with the task of formalizing the agreement between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia, Mr. Bashe Awil informed the members of the committee about the progress of the national tasks assigned to them, and underlined the fact that the agreement is close to success, and both concerned countries are working to implement the envisioned agreement.

The President briefed the members of the executive committee on the agreement, and noted that the government has prepared a transparent agreement that will at last benefit the nation from what it has been striving for in its major aspirations for thirty-plus years.

While speaking to the members of the press at the end of the meeting, the Head of State H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi made the assurances that the points, advices and suggestions and proposals put forth by the participants during the party executive council meeting will be considered and applied as per need.

He said, “Our meeting regarding the preparations for the elections had discussions on many practical ideas for the benefit of the party and the nation in the preparation of the elections, and the decisions have been collected for implementation”.

He noted that said that what was at stake in the general elections were both the retention of the Presidency and at the same time the national officialdom of the party hence emphasized the utmost need of bolstering the party that has been at the helm for the past 14 years in a stretch.

He said that the people and the nation are going to the polls with everyone free to exercise their freedom of political rights and vote in their preferences.

The President cautioned against the politics of polarization that could cause unwarranted rife incidents hence urged for sanity and wisdom to prevail during the electioneering period. He warned against volatility and uncouth actions that may undermine the elections which may set back security stability that prevalent.

He pointed out that the KULMIYE political party is unrivalled and is the only one political party that can boast of past formidable and impeccable records as concerns the struggles of the nation and development streak.

“The people will vote and everyone will vote for the person they want, but they ought to be united such the elections should not bring us unnecessary conflicts”,

In expressing his confidence of retaining the seat, the President continued, “We are going to the elections as KUMIYE party. Fortunately, the aspirants who have been nominated are a team that we have competed against each other before and we know each other very well. We may have been wary if the aspirants were new”.

The other two aspiring candidates of WADDANI’s Abdirahman Irro and UCID’s Feisal Ali Warabe competed with the incumbent president during the last presidential elections.


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