How Will Patriotic & Civil Guideline Book Transform Somaliland?



Unless Somaliland rectify malfeasance of basic and fundamental needs missing, it will not have any profound impact or hasty influence to the society.
The enthusiastic and optimistic vision of the society could be heartened to promote the nation into progressive level of better off position socially, economically and politically.
The accessibility of Nationalism of a specific nation emanates from access of healthcare, welfare, education, benefits and other essential resources-especially employment which seems to be the most demanding issues.
When the three decades Somaliland was independent particular groups take the advantage of the Nation resources, employments and political positions- others were starving and neglected totally without attention or recognition highlighting what nation share and being government.
It is illogic to make very significant transformation of educating the population into successful and advanced developments that enhance society’s long term future.
Because injustice and undemocratic monopoly exists in widespread in the general government Agencies.
It is quite complicated to teach population the importance of patriotism and its valuable advantages.
The President clearly vindicated his address that the bigger tribes dominate of filling parliamentarian and councillor positions- because the Party rely on the number of votes they could bring on.
It is absolutely and utterly contradictory for the patriotism guideline book recently introduced to change the society for good, in lieu of widespread tribalism and division in the society hampering every sufficient move.
The boneheaded from bigger or large clans and sub-clans could not give opportunity possible educated individuals that contributes very previous efforts both knowledge and technicalities as well.
The terrible illness kills the patriotism and unity of the society seems to be tribalism, nepotism and domination of tremendously nonstop occupation for that three decades Somaliland was independent.
Teaching nation patriotism is to see their professors take the helm and drive the nation into abrupt developments of equality, democracy and constitutional hiring.
A democratically growing nation puts on board the elites and intellectuals full of wisdom and wit led by knowledge and eloquence for the deserved citizens.
When segregation plus nepotism cripple a nation more destruction and division split apart the population rather than acceleration of powerful and educated task force encouragements to move on positively.
Upcoming election of Somaliland Republic the criteria of requirement for the individuals could be tribalism and domination without consideration of quality, knowledge and equality procedures to select the candidates.
However, the patriotic and civic guideline book government recently introduced was useless and does not work- until every citizen and each constituencies receive appropriate and professional justice.
Look, being realistic could remedy the disastrous disintegration or conflicts breakout despite of stranglehold of weaker and abandoned parts of the society.
Establishment of cohesive nation sharing life and death only introduce the significance of that patriotism. Neglected and denied citizens never learn that program right now.
Actually the book has got no readers at all, first it is vital to create the readers interestingly welcome and pass the other community that can not read or write gradually.
Commencing the foundation is more easier than attempting to put a house for the Roof without erecting the walls.
Discrimination, bullying and harassment takes place when the Nation ignores some of its professors and hiring others.
Tribalism, nepotism and unlawful feeding takes place when Ministers abuse their power giving projects and political high profile positions to their family members.
The solution of resolving all perilous situation needs very fascinating strategies and plans making Somaliland Republic a better Nation.
The Ministers have very unfair persuasion and influences to the continuity of Somaliland political procedures that makes many people suffering mentally and totally move out their previous position politically.
Collective efforts and collaborative consultations leads peace, progress and prosperity to such fragile Nation of Somaliland Republic.
Teaching people patriotism is a scheme that moves population out of tribalism and all Somaliland activities based on obvious tribalism and family profound businesses.
Ineffective and incompetent proposals never repair the problem. Unless a real Union of the society takes place and every and each citizens to be heard and consider his/her ideological solutions of this Nation.
Nobody has right to force me believing and swallowing very bitter and dangerous fake medicine that have very huge side effect in the future.
My genius and constructive opinion ensures the well-being and prosperity of this Nation that can be benefited as whole as a nation.
The denied fellow citizens have very vital vocal that reaches the International Communities that vigorously digest and defend the positive and brilliant paramountcy Somaliland Republic needs without minority advantageous usage.
The patriotic and civic guideline Book introduced can not unlock the mysterious problems exist here.
Deciding today tomorrow lands on very outstanding success and brighter future to each and every citizen of Somaliland Republic realistically without any delusion or fanciful ideas from the minds of boneheaded individuals in the high profile stage of our nationhood.
Formal transition strategy of profitable to the generations in the future must be obtained in order to make things right honestly.
Importantly my discussions and debates do not interest in or focus on corruption or mismanagement occur, as fellow citizens often refer to specific individuals. But my salvation is bigger and privileged mission.
My vocal is undeniable and truthfully reveals huge calamities and connects the population from West to East with the presentation of more reliable and advantageous strategy.
The two choices of hurting the wound or healing necessitates the nation’s cleanliness that free from all ailments destroy the fundamental elements of one Nation.
Lip service never completely vaccinate a nation from virus like Tribalism- politically it has been created sometimes with respect of political opportunism. But leaves very unrepairable problem in the future.
Somaliland Republic needs an action not lip service of teaching the nation for the value and necessity of patriotism.
Patriotism emanates from getting equal rights and fair share of National resources and power sharing of the country that fellow citizens enjoy or practice under the rule of law.
But our fake professors never see where the light is, or the methodology t transform a Nation into such significant stage.
Our elites were supposed to find the deep division and address before teaching nationalism.
It is ridiculous to pull will the eyes of fellow citizens without proper identification of our deep division.
The regular fight of ending up division in the society was priority number one before stepping up such role in our Universities.
It is a total failure of being professional and honest to transform this nation by our elites blindly that putting a Roof where there is no erected walls.
Giving prescription to the patient before diagnosing and figuring out the illness seems to be deterioration of his health quite difficult.
Our professors uncertain contributions of recent nation’s transformation profoundly must identify the existence of division ideologically.
Crumbling the barriers of nation’s current issues healthy thinking and coming up with solution takes you there righteously to survive as a free Nation.
Identify and address with more discussions and debates never ignore the truth and let not that crack gets bigger and wider.
Abdilahi Hassan.


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